Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Post- A healthy lifestyle?!

Here is my story:
-I have ALWAYS been pretty thin throughout my life. Not anorexic but not chubby. I am a happy medium. if that makes sense.
- Once I turned 14, I started working out & really eating very healthy, but believe it or not I was never doing it for the intention of losing weight.
-Lets fast forward to age 16, I went on a trip and once I came back, I COMPLETELY Lost all interest in the regime or type of lifestyle I led before. I simply did Not Care. I stopped working out, then I started eating poorly, I would eat and eat even though I was full. So then Senior year in high school came around, I gained 10-15ish lbs. Something in me knew it wasn't right so I still continued my bad habits. Honestly, I look back at pictures when I was thinner, and I can see where I started to GAIN weight.
-Prom time came around, & of course I HAD to be FIT. I decided to do the special K diet. & let me tell you it is restrictive & left me feeling Hungry, but it did work and I lost 5ish lbs.
-Towards October/ November 2010, I decided it was time to start "eating healthy", so I did little changes here and there and I lost a couple of lbs.
-Here I am now in Feb.2011 and still 4lbs away from my goal weight, and its tough! of course us women are never satisfied & i want to lose some more:)

so where do I go for motivation? Allie or xXAllieCosmeticsxX
she lost a ton of weight & she is super inspiring & i love watching her videos!!

Here is my healthy lifestyle regime once & for ALL
-workout 5/7 days of the week: this includes cardio for now & then some strength
-DRINK TONS of water
-Moderation is key. If I want something ,I can eat it, but only 1/2 of it!

& that is it!!! Its simple, may not be the Fastest method, but is effective!!
I am just tired of being chubby, I want to feel prettier, leaner, & gain confidence.
p.s. I do feel great now, but I need to stick to my "plan' because it is a lifestyle change! it isn't a temporary fix, its a PERMANENT change.

p.p.s For all the people who may bash on my lifestyle well you know what?! I dont care. I am doing it for MYSELF & no one else.


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